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K. Fillet



Born in the late 60’s in an industrial town on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK, the eldest of three brothers, K.fillet spent most of his school years learning how to play truant.

He left at age 16 with two things that would stay with him to this day, his love of motorcycles and weightlifting.

Entering the world of work, K.Fillet tried a number of career paths, always taking on new challenges with eager anticipation of the rewards to be had from working hard for a living.

Youth training schemes were to disappoint him,  being a Mechanic came next, achieving City and Guilds qualifications, and the title of ‘Major Rectifier’ for a worldwide auto manufacturer.

The factory thing didn’t work for him and a redirection of career led him to turn to being a collection agent for a small local credit firm, he enjoyed working with people, this lasted a couple of years until an offer of offshore oil rig work popped up !

This was an offer not to be refused, even if it meant the loss of his regular part time position as a ‘crowd control engineer’ aka- Doorman/Bouncer!

The Offshore path was met with an untimely ending nine month and 1 hour after being promoted to one of the biggest jack up rigs in the word, his arm got caught in a winding machine and was broken severely enough to need a steel pin to hold it together.

The people he worked for as a crowd control engineer happened to have a pub they needed managing just as he was recovering and the next career path as a bar manager was started upon.

Bar management was good, all the figures went the right way, even the trouble the bar had been plagued by decreased, unfortunately the local constabulary didn’t quite agree with the methods used for eradicating troublesome customers and it was politely suggested K.Fillet find another career!

Truck driving. This was to be the longest lasting and most stable of K.Fillets career choices. For ten years he drove with a good record. Slowly getting bored of the same old thing, until someone said to him, “you should write a book”

So he did…..

The Mugello Diaries. Book one, The reason, is the first of his series of three books documenting his journeys to a race track in Italy with his best friend.


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